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How To Tune Your Drums

Guitarists have to tune their strings to certain notes in order to play chords, saxophonists have to tune their instruments so the correct note sounds when their sax is blown,

12 Tips to Help You Sight-Read Better

Have you witnessed your music teacher or friend take out a sheet music, read it for the first time, but play it flawlessly? Sight-reading is a difficult but valuable skill

Cymbal Selection for Intermediate and Advanced Drummers

As a drummer, you are likely to want to experiment with new cymbals at some point, but where do you begin? Knowing what sizes and finishes to buy can be

Meet The Teachers: Brendan Bache, our Drum teacher

At Liberty Park Music, we like to consider ourselves a community. Although spread around the globe, we’re all dedicated to sharing music with the world, as teachers, learners and listeners.

Cymbal Selection for Beginner and Intermediate Drummers

Cymbals play an incredibly important role in shaping the overall sound of a drum kit and are as important as the drums themselves. A good quality, well tuned drum kit

Drum Terminology

Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand. - Stevie Wonder So to help you get started with this new language, here is a list of

Choosing the right Drumsticks: Sizing, Tips, Brands and more

The drumstick market is saturated with choice. Every brand has every stick weight, length, girth, and shape imaginable, which makes it increasingly difficult to make a decision. Which weight should

Acoustic Piano vs Digital Piano – Which Piano Should You Buy?

What to Consider When Buying a Piano: Acoustic or Digital? The first step in buying a piano is to decide between the two different types —the acoustic and the digital

Practice Guide to Become a Better Musician

We all know that practice makes perfect. Therefore, it is important to learn the right way to practice. By incorporating the right habits, you can make your practice sessions more

A Guide to Buying a Drum Kit

Buying the right drum kit is an essential first step in your life as a drummer. After all, if you enjoy how your drum kit sounds, you're far more likely