Music History

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Music History

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Why learn music history?

This music history course is a free course for students and educators to expand their knowledge of the music they love to play. There are valuable insights to be gleaned from the history of music and they can inform our understanding of the intention and feeling that should be used when playing pieces from the different eras of western art music. 

More importantly, learning music history develops a love and appreciation for music, allowing us to understand why certain pieces of music and composers are so important historically and to the development of music trends.

Why is this course free?

We love music and want to share and foster that love with students and educators around the world, and want them to share a love of music too. If you enjoy this music history course, or if it inspires you, consider taking a look around our members area to see if you would like to take one of our courses to learn to play music or to hone your music theory skills.

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The Baroque Period

In mapping out the historical periods and important musical developments in the history of western art music, we start with the Baroque Period, typically considered the period of time ranging from 1600 to 1750.


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The Classical Period

Learn all about the Classical Period in Western Music History. Ranging from around 1750 to about 1820, this is the period that brought us some of the most notable and popular names in the craft, including three of the biggest - Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven.


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The Romantic Period

Welcome to the Romantic Period! One of the most well known eras in western classical music. Many of the expressive and ideological characteristics of music created during this period have lingered into the modern day, and the Romantic "sound" continues to inform a great deal of what we expect from the music we listen to.


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Modernism in Music

As western art music moved into modern times it was a period of upheaval and change in history. The volatility around the world led to upheaval and innovation in the arts and sciences. With these changes classical music changed in many ways, developing new genres and styles and encouraging experimentation.


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Postmodernism in Music

Explore the developments of modern classical music as it evolved into the 20th century. Many musicologists believe that we're still in the postmodern period, with many of today's developments and trends being continuations or reactions to the three main branches of Postmodern concern: total control, minimal control, and historical reinvigoration.


Composer Biographies

Brief biographies of specific composers. Learn about the lives and musical characteristics of important figures in the history of western classical music. Delve into the lives of your favorite composers! 

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Ludwig van Beethoven - Few historical composers have proved as popular and resilient throughout the years as Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven's music is everywhere, from films, to commercials, to classrooms, and many of his themes are among the most well-known in all of Western art music.

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Scott Joplin - In this video we'll explore the life and music of Scott Joplin, one of the most prominent African-American composers of the past 150 years. We'll look into Joplin's origins in the post-Civil War South, and follow his trajectory up the Mississippi River, and ultimately to New York City.

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Fryderyk Chopin - In this video we explore the life of Fryderyk (Frédéric) Chopin. Few composers are as inextricably linked to the history and identity of the piano as Chopin, and his music is still deeply embedded in the practices of modern day classical piano.

unknown composer3

More coming soon! - We have many more composer bios planned. We will cover the masters of classical music such as Mozart, Bach, Handel, and More! If you have a specific composer you would like to see a biography on please reach out to us!

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