Course Details

This course aims to equip you with the basics of ABRSM music theory. You will be guided on how to read note values, as well as other common music symbols that you see on music scores.

The lesson contents will be presented in a way that matches the ABRSM exams’ syllabi more closely. This will not only prepare you well for ABRSM exams, but will also help you understand the fundamentals of music theory.

We are publishing new modules and lessons for this course regularly, so please check often!

Course Instructor: Nicole DiPaolo

  • Theory

  • Beginner to Advanced

  • Multiple lessons

  • 8+ Hours of Video


ABRSM Music theory content covers:

  • Music notations
  • Rhythm and time 
  • Scales and Chords
  • Music harmony
  • Music analysis


Musicians or beginners who have the desire to learn to read music. This course is structured in a way that is more relevant to students who plan to take the ABRSM Music Theory exams.

Course Content

Module 1:

ABRSM Grade 1


  • Lesson 1 – Music Notation
  • Lesson 2 – Pitch and Notes
  • Lesson 3 – Rhythm
  • Lesson 4 – Semitones, Tones and Accidentals
  • Lesson 5 –C/G/F/D Scales and Key Signatures
  • Lesson 6 –Intervals
  • Lesson 7 –Performance Directions
  • Lesson 8 –Performance Directions (continued) 
  • Lesson 9 –Review

Module 2:

ABRSM Grade 2


  • Lesson 1: Ledger Lines and New Time Signatures
  • Lesson 2: New Major Scales and Exploring Minor Scales
  • Lesson 3: Triplets
  • Lesson 4: Interval Review
  • Lesson 5: Performance Directions

Module 3:

ABRSM Grade 3


  • Lesson 1: Demisemiquavers
  • Lesson 2: Major and Minor Keys (4 sharps and flats)
  • Lesson 3: Compound Time Signatures and Their Groupings
  • Lesson 4: Compound Time Groupings and Rewriting in Simple Time


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