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Course overview

Piano Etudes Course

Études (from the word for "study" in French) are pieces of music that highlight particular techniques for the purpose of mastery in a musical context. As opposed to technical exercises (like playing scales or arpeggios), etude pieces embed the specific technique or techniques of interest into the music itself, presenting a piece that is meant to blend the features of education and musicality.

In this course, we'll use etudes to explore and expand our technical and musical capacity at the piano. While you can progress through this course chronologically, you can also pick and choose lessons based on your experience level.

The etudes used in this course will range from beginner through late intermediate.

*This course is updating constantly, so be sure to check back in to see what new lessons have been added!


What you'll get

What is included in this course and what you will learn

One set goal for each Lesson

Each etudes focuses on one specific area or piano technique that piano players need work on, so you can stay focused on polishing what needs the most work in your piano playing.

Theory and History

Besides learning the notes and working on the music, you'll learn some basic theory and get a historical background on every etude that you learn.

Musical Etudes

We chose only the most musical and expressive etudes for this course so you'll be learning interesting pieces that are fun to play while you learn brush up on your technical piano skills.

Support from Teachers

Not sure if you are doing it right? Reach out to our team of teachers through emails or chat bubble!

Sheet Music

Sheet music is available for download.

HD Video Lessons

High-quality video for every lesson so you can watch it any time you want, in the comfort of your home. 

What we cover

Below are the breakdown of this course, module by module, with video previews

Module 1:

Bartok - Conversation
Bartok - Walking
Berens - Etude, Op. 70, No. 9
Berens - Etude, Op. 70, No. 16
Couppey - Etude, Op. 17, No. 5
Czerny - Etude, Op. 823, No. 11
Czerny - Etude, Op. 777, No. 3
Diabelli - A Diabelli Melody
Gurlitt - Etude, Op. 82, No. 17
Gurlitt - Vivace, Op. 117, No. 8
Haydn - Quadrille
Köhler - Etude, Op. 190, No. 31
Köhler - Etude, Op. 163, No 1
Köhler - Etude, Op. 163, No. 3
Schytte - Etude, Op. 108, No. 13
Schytte - Little Prelude
Schytte - Etude in E minor

Module 2:
Late Elementary

JC Bach - Andante (Prelude in A minor)
Bartok - Menuetto, Sz. 53, No. 16
Beyer - Etude, Op. 101, No. 60
Couppey - Etude, Op. 17, No. 18
Czerny - Etude, OP. 599, No. 19
Czerny - Etude, Op. 777, No. 8
Czerny - Etude, Op. 777, No. 22
Diabelli - Bagatelle
Duvernoy - Etude, Op. 176, No 3
Gurlitt - Etude, Op. 82, No. 39
Gurlitt - Etude, Op. 82, No. 65
Köhler - Etude, Op. 218, No. 34
Rowley - Impatience
Schumann - Little Piece, Op. 68, No. 5
Schytte - Etude, Op. 108, No. 12
Schytte - Etude, Op. 108, No. 5
Streabbog - A Pleasant Morning

Module 3:
Early Intermediate

Berens - Etude, Op. 89, No. 4
Duvernoy - Etude, Op. 176, No. 24
Duvernoy - Etude, Op. 176, No. 12
Couppey - Etude, Op. 17, No. 12
Czerny - Etude, Op. 599, No. 50
Czerny - Etude, Op. 777, No. 18
Czerny - Etude, Op. 823, No. 19
Gulitt - The Trumpeter
Gurlitt - Etude, Op. 82, No. 52
Reinecke - Staccato
Rowley - Etude, Op. 13, No. 8
Schubert - Écossaise
Streabbog - Distance Bells, Op. 63, No. 6
Streabbog - The Orphan, Op. 64, No. 4
Streabbog - By the Seaside, Op. 63, No. 7
Trioano - Echo Etude

Module 4:

JFC Bach - Solfeggio in D Major
Berens - Etude, Op. 70, No. 44
Burgmüller - Arabesque, Op. 100, No. 2
Gurlitt - Hymn, Op. 117, No. 27
Gurlitt - The Hardy Horseman, Op. 117, No. 32
Gurlitt - Etude, Op. 141, No. 11
Gurlitt - Song Without Words, Op. 117, No. 34
Lully - Minuet in D Minor
Schumann - Wild Rider, Op. 68, No. 8
Streabbog - The Whirlwind
Streabbog - Bees in the Clover

Module 5:
Late Intermediate

Coming soon

Module 6:
Early Advanced

Coming soon

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