Freedom to learn. Your time, your place.


What is Liberty Park Music?

We are an online music school, teaching piano, guitar, drum kit, and music theory, through video tutorials and supplementary files such as worksheets, sheet music, chord charts, and audio backing tracks. Supported by online chats with our team of teachers, our members have the ability to learn music on their own. 

Learning online is easy and efficient. You don’t need to get stuck in traffic while traveling to the teacher; starting a lesson at midnight is also not a problem. And better yet, you can watch lessons on your phone, or your tablet—just as mobile as you can imagine.

You have 100% freedom to learn music your way, anytime, anywhere.

Why LPM?

Here are a few reasons why you should give us a try.

Quality lessons: We closely control the quality of our lessons. The content, image and audio quality, style, and etc. So you get the best quality lessons.

Sensible learning path: Feel clueless about where to start? Our curriculum is carefully planned out to for you to choose easily. Unlike other sites that boast a big chaotic pool of hundreds of lessons, Liberty Park Music gives you a sensible learning path.

Clear lesson goals and benchmarks: Having a goal is important. So we set a clear goal for each lesson. And for every few lessons, we set a high-level benchmark for you to work towards. It’s all about motivation.

Intuitive UI: Optimized for learning music. Imagine holding your guitar while trying to play with the web interface? We know it’s not easy, so we designed an intuitive user interface for you. After all, it is learning and playing that should be taking most of your time, not technology.

LPM as a Company

Liberty Park Music is a Singapore registered company, established in September 2012. Our team work together from all over the world, including Taipei (Taiwan), Vancouver (Canada), Singapore, North Carolina (US), Tennessee (US), and Florida (US). We are working on bringing you the best quality music education online, with the aid of modern technology.

Our board of directors oversees the operations and strategy of the company, making sure we continue delivering what we have set out for.

Check out the profiles of the instructors, park staff, and board of directors here.