Music Theory 3

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Music Theory


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Course overview

Music Theory 3 Course

Music Theory 3 (with play button)

This Music Theory 3 course focuses on constructing and identifying chords. Learning to construct and identify chords will give you an efficient understanding of the harmonic design of music, and will allow you to quickly bring the music you’re studying to life on your instrument. Chords are used throughout many styles of music, and learning about the construction and function of chords should be a priority for all musicians.   

Our lessons will help you develop your knowledge on a step-by-step basis. In addition to reviewing the basic construction of triads, you will learn about different chord positions and how to build and identify 7th chords. You will learn about cadences, the function and identification of non-chord tones, and how to analyze chords using the tools of Roman numeral analysis.

What you'll get

What is included in this course and what you will learn

Learn Music Theory

Expand your music theory knowledge to the basic construction of triads, different chord positions, and how to build and identify 7th chords.

Learn Musical Analysis!

Learn about cadences, the function and identification of non-chord tones, and how to analyze chords using Roman numeral analysis.

Real Musical Examples

Reinforce what you learn through a wide variety of real musical examples from classical music literature to modern music.

Support from Teachers

Not sure if you are doing it right? Reach out to our team of teachers through emails or chat bubble!

Lesson notes and homework!

Download lesson notes and homework to expand your understanding of the video lessons. Practice music theory concepts in the supplementary exercises we provide for you.

HD Video Lessons

High-quality video for every lesson so you can watch it any time you want, in the comfort of your home. 

What we cover

Below are the breakdown of this course, module by module, with video previews

Module 1:
Triads and Cadences

Lesson 1: Triad Review and Introduction to Spacing
Lesson 2: Introduction to Inversions, 1st Inversion Practice and Figured Bass
Lesson 3: All About Second Inversions
Lesson 4: Introduction to Cadences
Lesson 5: Non-chord Tones
Lesson 6: Roman Numeral Analysis
Lesson 7: Triads and Inversions Review

Module 2:
Seventh Chords

Lesson 1: Introduction to Seventh Chords
Lesson 2: 7th Chord Qualities Continued
Lesson 3: Diatonic Seventh Chords Within Major Keys
Lesson 4: Diatonic Seventh Chords Within Minor Keys
Lesson 5: Inversions of 7ths (6/5 and 4/3)
Lesson 6: Inversions of 7ths (4/2 and combined)
Lesson 7: Review

Bonus Lessons:
More Music Theory Practice

Lesson 1: Transposition and Transposing Instruments
Lesson 2: Alto Clef
Lesson 3: Tenor Clef
Lesson 4: Compound Intervals
Lesson 5: Baritone, Mezzo, and Soprano Clefs
Lesson 6: Double Sharps and Flats
Lesson 7: Irregular Time Signatures
Lesson 8: Short and Open Score


About Nicole

Nicole Elyse DiPaolo is a versatile composer, pianist, and scholar originally hailing from the Detroit area.


She is currently pursuing a PhD in Music Theory at Indiana University, she recently completed a doctoral minor in composition. She also holds a B.Mus. in Music Theory from the University of Michigan, where she studied composition.

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