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Digital Piano vs Acoustic Piano – The ultimate buyer’s guide

At a glance... Types of acoustic pianos and how they workTypes of digital pianos and how they workComparison of acoustic and digital pianos:SoundMaintenanceVersatilityTouch sensitivityPricePedalsHow personal preferences may affect your choice:Music...
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100+ Musical Terms For Beginners Learning Piano

When you first begin learning piano, you will start an exciting journey of learning both a new instrument and a new language---the language of music. Musical language is not used...
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Finding Time to Learn Music: Balancing Work, Life and the Love of Song

The typical modern schedule is more hectic and demanding than ever, and that can make finding a healthy balance between work, family, and life’s many other demands – and pleasures...
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Five Particularly Unusual Christmas Albums – A Musical Guide for the Weirdest Time of the Year

The earth managed to circle around the sun again and it is time for the winter holidays once more! If your Christmas routine is anything like mine, each year offers...
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Colin Oxley’s Solo in "I Should Care"

Here’s a great solo on a classic standard, often played as a ballad but here as a medium swing. This is the first chorus of Colin’s solo taken from a...
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Jaco Pastorius’ solo on Bright Size Life by Pat Metheny

Here are some of my thoughts on what has to be one of the greatest jazz bass solos ever recorded, fretless or otherwise.  Jaco Pastorius played his legendary fretless bass...
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Looking for a New Year’s resolution? How about listening to classical music?

It’s almost New Year. Have you found your New Year’s resolution for 2015? Would you like to introduce classical music into your life? If you have always wanted to know...
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Where did Christmas carols come from?

Ho ho ho.. It’s that time of a year–a lot of people’s favorite time–Christmas. The houses in your neighborhood have Christmas lights on, Christmas music has been played non-stop on...
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Recording Technology and Music Listening

Nowadays listening to music cannot be easier. You purchase and download the music directly into your listening devices--computer, iPod, iPhone, or any smart phones. CDs are almost unnecessary. Nonetheless, have...
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Tempo rubato

Musical concept: Tempo Rubato Tempo rubato, a type of tempo marking, instructs the performer to freely, expressively speed up or slow down at certain passages. In Italian, "rubare" means "to...
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Musical concept: Pizzicato Pizzicato is a playing technique when bowed stringed instruments, rather than using a bow, pluck notes with the fingers. The sound produced is percussive. This technique was...
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Bossa nova

Musical genre: Bossa nova Bossa nova is a movement in Brazilian popular music from the late 1950s that caused many changes in Samba. The originators include Antônio Carlos Jobim and...
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Genre: Tango The term "tango" has many meanings and interpretations, but it is commonly understood as the Argentinian urban dance in the twentieth century. It's usually in duple meter, meaning...
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Bel canto

Musical concept: Bel canto The term bel canto literally means beautiful singing in Italian. The term is subjected to different interpretations. Generally, bel canto is understood as the Italian singing...
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