A Holiday Gift Guide for Guitar

Holiday guitar gift guide

The holiday season is coming and some of us may still be searching frantically for awesome gift ideas. Members at Liberty Park Music have asked our talented instructors for a few suggestions, thus we have created a gift catalog! In this guitar gift guide, we assembled a list from our guitar teacher - Ze - to present the best gifting options: found on Amazon or direct websites!

Pearl White Thalia Capo

Thalia Capo 200
A guitar capo essentially allows the player to execute a music piece in a different key. This stunningly beautiful capo, designed by Thalia, keeps the guitar in tune with interchangeable fretpads: it also comes with a lifetime warranty. Invest in the Rolls Royce of capos, and gift it to a cherished family or friend this coming holiday season.

Snark clip on guitar tuner

Snark Clip-On Tuner
This sleek red tuner makes an amazing gift for guitar players who are looking for a small and compact tuner. This multi-functional red paraphernalia carries a tap tempo metronome, pitch calibration, and transpose feature. Read the 2,700+ reviews and see why the 92% positive ratings make it such a great gift!

Planet Waves guitar cables

American Stage Instrument Cables
Not only does the reviews include ones garnered from established guitar magazines, performers and artists are favoring the brand for its bulletproof layers, noise elimination, and interference rejection. The impeccable structure makes the move from performance to performance a smooth journey.

Dunlop Glass Slide for guitar

Dunlop 210 Tempered Glass Slide
Ever heard of a technique known as a guitar slide? This cylindrical glass piece is actually a tool for such a skill! It fits nicely on a ring finger, and allows the guitarists to shift swiftly along the fretboard. Share this technique with your guitarist friends & family and surprise them with this gift!

iRig 2

iRig 2 Interface
For a minimalistic and lightweight option, consider iRig 2. It works wonders as a pocket-sized amplifier which allows an electric guitar to connect to a phone. Compatible with iOS and Android, the tool is packaged with microphone stand mount, velcro strip, AmpliTube app, and other handy IK applications. Opt for this nifty gift set instead of a bulky amplifier to someone’s ultimate delight!

Guitar Effects Pedal

Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects Pedal
Equipped with a multi-effects unit, this effect pedal gives access to hundreds of digital emulations of real guitar pedals as well as amplifier simulations. Great for guitarists who want to kickstart into using effects pedals which give them a chance to play around with a large number of pedals.

If you are a keen learner, perhaps gift yourself an opportunity to pick up a new skill for 2018: guitar! Take a trial month with us and explore your inner musical self.

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