Top 5 Classical Music Attractions in Paris

top 5 classical music attractions

This Christmas season, lovers, friends, or adventurers may flock to Paris to enjoy their holiday. Celebrating the season with a classical concert adds a layer of joy to the trip, so here are our top 5 picks for classical music venues for your ultimate pleasure. These places are minutes away from well-known landmarks in Paris, check out the video to be sure where, and scout them as part of your travel itinerary!

1. Radio France
Founded in in 1975, Radio France is a public service radio broadcaster. It has multiple media companies with a landmark that hosts a variety of programs such as classical concerts, choir and orchestra performances.

2. Salle Gaveau
Salle means room in French. Salle Gaveau roughly translates into Gaveau’s room. Constructed in 1905 by architect Jacques Hermant, the venue is a concert hall that is able to house 1020 people, it was built for Gaveau: a renowned piano maker in Paris. Be in awed with its structure while enjoying a great concert!

3. The Opéra Bastille
Introduced to the public in 1989, Opéra Bastille is considered one of the modern opera houses in France: facilities include an auditorium, amphitheatre, studio theatre, workshops, and offices. Tour Opera Bastille and discover the gems within.

4. Théâtre du Châtelet
Built in alikeness to a castle, Theatre du Chatelet’s interior is as grand as its exterior. It was opened in 1800s, with the theatre seeing thousands and thousands of events over a century, excelling in the areas of opera and dance.

5. Palais Garnier
An architectural wonder with two significant female statues ornating both ends of the roof, Palais Garnier is located right in the heart of Paris. Catch a classical concert at one of the most lavishly decorated structure in France!

From well-known landmarks to architectural beauties, stay in tune as Nick Vaky unveils these hidden treasures throughout Paris.

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