Top 10 Easy Piano Songs

Top 10 Easy Piano Songs

Want to impress your audiences, even with your simple piano skills? Give one of these easy, yet iconic melodies a go, with the help of our piano instructors Alwyn & Michelle Huang. Grab your keyboard and start practicing!


Flower Dance by DJ Okawari
Topping the list is a soundtrack composed and produced by DJ Okawari from Shizuoka, Japan! Mixed with oriental melodies, this pop song creates a lasting nostalgic feeling. Learn how to play Flower Dance made easy by our piano instructor with basic 4/4 time signature and light left-hand accompaniment.

Always by Yoon Mi Rae
From the 2016 Korean hit drama Descendants of the Sun, Always is an original soundtrack performed by the Queen of Korean drama OST Yoon Mi Rae. Learn about perfect fifths and successive melodies in this song piece again with a simple 4/4 time signature.

Little Happiness by Hebe Tien
Leading box offices throughout Asia in 2015, Little Happiness turned into an anthem for fans in the movie Our Times. Learn this mandarin anthem with an easy-to-follow tutorial and complimentary sheet music.

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You Are My Everything by Gummy
Placing at number 4 of our popular pop song series is another soundtrack from the one-hit wonder, Descendants of the Sun, performed by famed South Korean singer Gummy. Learn the simple chords and melody forming You Are My Everything at a slow and smooth pace!

One Call Away by Charlie Puth
Want to play and sing like Charlie Puth? Watch our tutorial to learn the basics for One Call Away, broken down into a simple melody and accompaniment. Free sheet music download available for all music tutorials!

Simple Gifts, a Shaker Song
This popular American religious song was written by Joseph Brackett in 1848. It’s a melodious folk tune, accompanied by simple chords with your left hand. Learn how to play Simple Gifts, and how to transition from one chord to the next, with our instructor in this video.

Love Me Tender, by Elvis Presley
First recorded by Elvis Presley in 1956, you’ve probably heard this song in movies such as Die Hard 2, Just Before I Go, and 90 Minutes in Heaven. This version is played in the key of F Major, so you’ll be incorporating the B flat note as you play. You’ll also learn that this song is divided into two sections, as well as how to use a “repeat” sign in a piano score.

Greensleeves, a traditional English Folksong
Greensleeves is a traditional English folksong, in which both the right and left hands have a part to play in the unique melody. If you think it sounds Christmassy, you’re not wrong – the tune is also used in the Christmas song, What Child is this? Join our instructor as she breaks down the unmistakable 3/4 time signature, to make this an easy tune to play.

Canon in D, by Johann Pachelbel
Commonly known as Pachelbel’s Canon, this famous tune by the German Baroque composer is often played at weddings, and is known for its lovely melody. A Canon refers to the melody being layered over itself, and it’s what makes this song extra special. In this simplified version played in C Major, our instructor shows you how to practise the different parts, one hand at a time, before putting it together.

Ode to Joy, by Ludwig van Beethoven
This renowned song by one of the world’s best known composers, is actually the last movement of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Beethoven wrote it when he was increasingly aware of his declining health, and he was, in fact, completely deaf when he embarked on this masterpiece. In this simplified piano version, the right hand plays the melody, while the left hand plays the accompaniment.

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