10 Easy Father’s Day Songs to play on piano or guitar

If you are learning to play a musical instrument, chances are you picked this interest from your dad just like many other qualities almost all dads are good at.

Aren’t all dads special? The original authority figure in our lives and also the man that stood tall from day one.


With Father’s Day around the corner, what better way to thank them with some of the best songs about dads and the all central relationship.

You see, there is no shortage of songs about fathers as musicians, just like everyone else, have many feelings about their fathers.

For better or for worse, the best of the Father’s Day songs are written in both the good times and the bad time. Plenty of these songs have a good feeling and some may have conflicted.

But all these songs exists to simply remind everybody that dads are great.

Of course, not all us are so lucky to have one with us. So whether it be a joyful day of celebration or a day of remembrance, these handpicked, beautiful songs are perfect to play on a piano or guitar for your dad for Father's day.

1. High Valley – A Fathers Love (The Only Way He Knew How)

This song by High Valley represents a beautiful bond between a father and his son. It is true that majority of fathers show their love differently than mothers. Mothers tend to share joy, excitement and live through hugs and kisses while this song depicts how fathers show love and care for their sons. Despite being unable to find the right words to connect with their sons, good fathers look out for them all the time.

This is one of the most beautiful songs representing a father's way of showing he loves and cares about his son. If you've grew up with this kind of father-son bond. be sure to remember this song and take a moment to reflect on this song.

2. Tori Amos – Winter

This beautiful song is adored by thousands of women around the world. This song represents Tori’s happy childhood and how she always wanted her father near her. Her father knows she is growing up fast and her attention will be focused towards boys whom she’ll gain feelings for.

A song perfect for all of the women who have grown up with their fathers. Take Father’s Day as a time to reflect on how your father has adored you even when boys haven’t and how they’ve always been proud of you no matter what good or bad choices you have made in life.

3. Black Stone Cherry – Things My Father Said

The opening of the instrumental to this song already brings tears to many eyes. This song, in particular, capture the emotions that have been felt by a son who’s lost his dad. Whilst the lyrics of the song represents a dad and a young boy’s conversation, the strongest emotion that everyone grasps from the song is that the boy has never had a chance to say goodbye to his father.

If you’ve heard the chance to share happy memories with your dad, then this song will always bring joy to your heart.

4. Eric Clapton – My Father’s Eyes

Raised by his grandparents, Clapton’s father came into light when he became famous although they never actually met eye to eye. This song however clearly represents the sadness that Eric experienced throughout his life.

Eric Clapton is a proud father, and he’s glad that his son at least got to see his father’s eyes – something he never got to do. A lot of people will remember this song and will think about all the happy memories they’ve shared, conversations that were eye-to-eye, and many more.

5. Lonestar – I’m Already There

Whether you’re a parent, a daughter, or son reading this, majority of families are sometimes parted for business needs. Sometimes, mothers and fathers have to spend most of their time away from home.

Most of the time. Gary Baker (the songwriter) was away on business and the song represents his phone calls over the years between his wife. children and himself. “Daddy, when will you be home?” was part of a conversation that Gary and his 2 year old son shared on the phone one day when he was away.

He mentions that it broke his heart because even though he physically wasn’t home, he was mentally always there. No matter how many miles he was apart from his family, he was always there in their presence.

This song touched hearts around the world as people could relate to the scenario. It also touched people in other scenarios giving them an opportunity to always feel their presence. Even though they’re hundred thousand miles away, the love never dies.

6. Luther Vandross – Dance With My Father

“Dance with my father” reflects on the happiness shared amongst a family household when the child is young. Before life gets complicated and the innocence is stripped away, Luther reflects on how his father made him laugh, and how much he was truly loved. Luther sadly lost his father which came as a huge shock. All losses are heart-breaking, but when they’re sudden and unexpected, they can leave us feeling empty, lost and distraught.

As much as Luther loved dancing with his father, the “never ending song” means that Luther wished he could have danced with his father forever. A truly beautiful song which should be played this Father’s day if you will be spending the day reflecting on your happy memories together, even if they were shared only for a short time together.

7. John Mayer – Daughters

John Mayer created the song “daughters” which had a huge impact on everybody. Even so, it is right to to point out that some girls do grow up without a father and are shown love and support by their mothers. Yet when childhood or teenage years are affected by the father figure, through abandonment of the family or mistreatment of the mother/daughter, this can potentially affect how the female deals/acts around in later experiences with other men in their lives be it a boyfriend or husband.

Were all influenced by our family, and this is a part of life which forms who we are. The song also depicts how people who have been loved their entire life try and love somebody who doesn’t know the concept of love.

On Father’s day this year, this song is ideal for showing appreciation for your parents. If you’re lucky to have them in your life, spend the day with them. Tell them how much you love them, and thank them for their unconditional love, support and guidance.

8. Keith Urban – Song for dad

When we’re young, we feel love by our fathers but we don’t understand how much they love us and the extent they show their love for us. This song by Keith Urban demonstrates how he turned out just like his father.

At times, we don’t realise how we carry our parents traits, but when we do realise, it’s a beautiful feeling.

This is a sweet song touching hearts around the world. The lyrics captured only become clear as we grow up and have children of our own. Take Father’s day to show appreciation to your father who has always wanted what was best for you, even if you missed out on what seemed “cool” at the time because you ended up grounded, not allowed to go out and were simply loved and looked after.

9. Reba McEntire – The Greatest Man I Never Knew

This short but empowering song by Reba McEntire reflects on her childhood with her father. Reba never really touched with her father, since her dad was always busy and always had too much on his mind. It seems that her childhood wasn’t filled with happy memories, and her dad never comforted her emotionally.

Reba’s father passed away unexpectedly and thus wrote down the lyrics to the song as tribute to his father. If you’ve shared emotions with this song, take a moment to thank your father.

10. Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole – Unforgettable

This breath-taking song features a special bond shared between Natalie Cole and her father the legendary Nat King Cole.

This song was, without a doubt, one of the most romantic songs in American history. The song is believed to have not been about their bond, but about love. However, the lyrics do share an emotion with special bonds between fathers, mothers, and their children.

We hope you liked these top 10 songs that are the perfect fit for Father’s day and can be played on instruments such as the piano and the guitar. What are you favorite songs for Father’s Day? Leave them in the comment section below.

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