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We’re always on the move, balancing different jobs and life priorities. Young, energetic and skilled, we’re quick to adopt new technologies, from Facebook to Uber. Eager to keep in touch with our friends and the rest of the world, we’re constantly connected to the Internet.

In this fast-paced, ever changing world of ours, we have to keep upgrading ourselves to keep up with the times. We have to stay updated on the latest trends, the newest technologies, and gain the necessary skills to ride them. Thankfully, we don’t have to go back to school for this. The Internet offers a vast resource of information, often for free or at a highly affordable price.

21st Century Education: E-Learning

E-learning platforms like Coursera and Udemy are the future of lifelong education. In the 2016 Global Shapers annual survey of 25000 young people across the world, 77.84% of respondents reported having taken online courses.

Beyond these numbers, online learning is pretty amazing. It offers us the chance to learn at our own pace. We are given the liberty to choose how fast and how much we want to learn. If you’re a slower learner, there’s no fear of slowing the class down. If you’re a faster learner, you can skip parts of the lesson. With courses supported on tablets, smartphones and computers, we’re free to learn in our own comfortable personal spaces, whether it’s on our beds or in the middle of a busy cafe.

Online learning caters to our personalities and preferences too. If you’re introverted and reserved, you’re spared from awkward class participation. If you prefer to be more social, many online platforms offer learning communities that you can participate in. The freedom to decide how much you want to be involved with other learners is yours.

However, at present, most e-learning courses are related to languages, business, and IT. While these are highly relevant workplace skills, most e-learning courses don’t deal with fun stuff. Language, business and IT skills aren’t the best conversation starters, nor are they able to impress your Instagram followers.

At Liberty Park Music, we offer a unique service. We’re confident that you can learn music online with us, without the need for the physical presence teacher and scheduled face-to-face lessons. And that you’ll have lots of fun while doing so!

Is learning music really worth my time and money?

Aside from being a fun hobby, music has a whole slew of benefits. It’s also always a useful skill to have, in case you’re ever “volunteered” to perform at the next company party.

But for most of us, it simply adds color to our lives, no matter how good (or bad) we are at it.

Is learning music online even possible?

Well, at Liberty Park Music, our raison d’etre is to make it possible! As musicians of varying degrees of proficiencies ourselves, we understand the concerns that you may face while learning music, and we’ve taken care to address them. We harness technology to bring affordable, high quality music lessons to anyone and everyone.

Here’s how we make learning music online not only possible, but also highly effective.

Flexible lesson timings, on demand 24/7

It’s tough to dedicate a consistent protected time for music lessons. Looming project deadlines, catching up with that long lost friend who’s in your city for just one day and doctors’ appointments could mean many apologetic (and last minute) calls to your teacher to request for a rescheduled lesson. With our online lessons, you’re spared from planning around your weekly lessons. You can learn at any time you want, for as long as you want, even if it’s 4am.

Carry your learning around

Are you a frequent traveller? Or do you have long commutes to work? You can learn with us on the go. Even if you do not have an instrument with you, you can watch our video lessons to get the gist of our lessons, so that you can progress faster when you practice. Or you could learn music theory, which we highly recommend.  Our lessons are available on any device with an internet connection: tablets, smartphones, laptops etc.

Connected to the world

With our global network of accredited teachers, and a student population hailing from all corners of the world, you’ll see a diversity of perspectives that traditional face-to-face lessons with a single teacher can’t provide. We clarify the different terminologies used in the US and UK, for example.

Cost-effective lessons

At 29 USD per month for a standard subscription, our lessons are highly affordable, especially when compared to traditional face-to-face lessons. At Yamaha Singapore, beginner piano lessons can cost around 120 USD for four 45 minute lessons. Furthermore, we’re free for the first 30 days, so you can try us out for as long as you like, unlike most teachers who might give you a free trial lesson (if you’re lucky).

Access to the whole database

If our affordable pricing wasn’t enough already, you get access to our whole library of lessons across all instruments and music theory with your subscription. The moment you subscribe, you get full access to our video lessons, and you can learn in any order you like. Not sure what instrument you’d like? Learning with us saves you the hassle of having to find another teacher. Currently, we offer lessons in piano, guitar, drums, as well as music theory, and we’ll continue to add to our repertoire.

We adapt according to your needs

We place great importance on the feedback of our students. Our future content will be tailored according to your preferences. Our friendly teachers and staff are always open to new ways to create content.

How will I know if I’m playing it right?

Our teachers will demonstrate how to play in every lesson. You can record yourself to check against how the teachers play. To critique yourself is actually a really useful skill to have. Nevertheless, there’ll definitely be times when you need to consult the opinions of others. You can reach out to your friends or your fellow musicians on online communities. Our teachers are there to help too, with unlimited email support as part of our standard subscription.

I’m already taking lessons with a teacher. Should I switch to online lessons?

It’s up to you! There’s no harm in having both. Learning online doesn’t mean you need to stop learning with your teacher. You can continue working with your current teacher while you use the online lessons to supplement your learning. You could focus on ABRSM examinations with your teacher, and use our online lessons to explore new styles (that your teacher may be less familiar with), new songs and perhaps even new instruments.

But if you want to prepare for ABRSM examinations with our online lessons, that’s fine too. We can cater to that!

Why not just use Youtube?

While there might be a lot of good stuff on Youtube, poor quality tutorials are common too. At Liberty Park Music, we have a team of accredited teachers who plan your curriculum, and a team of video editors to make sure that our videos and audio are of the highest quality. We offer a vast library of reference material too, which you usually won’t get on Youtube.

Liberty Park Music aims to revolutionize the way the world learns music. We are ardent believers that learning music online will become mainstream one day.
Why not be on the forefront of technology with us and start your free trial today?

About Liberty Park Music
LPM is an online music school. We teach a variety of instruments and styles, including classical and jazz guitar, piano, drums, and music theory. We offer high-quality music lessons designed by accredited teachers from around the world. Our growing database of over 350 lessons come with many features—self-assessments, live chats, quizzes etc. Learn music with LPM, anytime, anywhere!

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