Practicing as a Contemporary Pianist: An Interview with William Benckert

William Benckert

In our latest episode of LPM’s practice series, we manage to land an interview with Scandinavian jazz and electronic pianist, William Benckert. To shade light on different practicing techniques, our past interviews have included collaborative pianist Dr Minjung Seo and jazz pianist Steven Paszkowski, both bringing valuable insights to specific genres: classical and jazz. This time round we bring in another jazz pianist who derives influences from electronica and other contemporary tunes!

Hailing from Sweden, Benckert currently resides in London with a fellow musician roommate. While exploring the local music scene, he creates compositions on the side for different ceremonies. His schedule involves active gigs; at the same time, he composes and produces for his own band Hip Colour. Benckert relays to us about his journey, from producing games to producing music, his most passionate musical styles, and his main inspirations: Aaron Parks, John Taylor, Tennyson, Jacob Collier and more.

Back in Sweden, Benckert had the honor to work alongside several influential artists like Oscar Zia. This coming November, he will be holding his own stage at Stockholm Jazz Festival as one of the contemporary performers. With several gigs lined up in London, commissioned to make an EP, and striving the best for Hip Colour, how does our talented interviewee juggle all these commitments? Watch the video to see how he deals with time management and how motivation keeps him moving.

Keep a lookout for more interviews like these! If you know anybody with interesting thoughts to share, or if you would like to be featured, do drop an email to us!

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