Guitar Solo Transcription: Gone With the Wind by Wes Montgomery

Guitar Solo Transcription: Gone With the Wind by Wes Montgomery

This latest transcription is a solo I have always loved.  Wes Montgomery's feel on every 8th note line is effortless, and the tempo suits him so well. He has access to so many subdivisions that groove on a medium swing like this: 8th notes, triplets, double-time.

For those who are interested-my particular recording of the head and first chorus of this has some makeshift drums-played on my trousers-supposed to emulate the brushes on a snare drum.

I included the head as well as the first chorus of solo in this transcription because I think it's worth noting how much embellishment and expression Wes puts on the classic melody.  As players, we often look more closely at what our heroes say in their open solos, and forget that that head is the real composition, and we should treat it with the same level of detail in our transcriptions and performances.

The album on which this track appears is Wes' fourth studio album. It contains such great ensemble playing from Wes, Tommy Flanagan, and brothers Percy and Albert Heath-that I encourage you to give the album a spin and attempt some transcriptions of your own!

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