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At Liberty Park Music, a global community of music lovers drawn together, we believe in presenting our international audiences the finest assortment of music from all over the world. In this upcoming series, we are bringing a string of Facebook Live Feeds from our teachers around the globe to you. These live feeds zoom into our teacher’s perspective and expertise on music; furthermore, it gives you an early preview of how lessons are crafted for students. LPM teachers provide step-by-step instructions for easy comprehension and juicy tips on improvement techniques. Join us on this euphonious journey to understand how each instructor uniquely delivers their music lessons online.

In this very first live feed, we collaborated with Liberty Park Music’s much adored drum instructor Brendan Bache who will demonstrate how using ghost notes can improve your shuffle groove (intermediate level). For drum beginners, there is a whole curriculum to start you off: visit this page for the completed syllabus.

A morsel of information about Brendan, he was exposed to drums at a young age of eight. Our affable instructor teaches during the evenings and does weekend gigs. Get to know him on a personal level in our Meet the Teachers video!

Brendan Live_Qns

Back to the recorded live feed, tune in for a clearer idea of shuffle groove and get your feet tapping to those catchy drum beats. As an added bonus for our viewers, a real-time Q&A session was conducted throughout the live stream. A question was thrown to our instructor about a drumming technique, and he got a live demonstration answer in return - it’s a sweet deal. Not to worry, this will be available for future live streams too! Now, head on and enjoy the show. Be sure to watch the entire video to gift yourself a discount coupon for a new membership.

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