Baby Driver – When Your Music Syncs In With Your Work

Baby Driver

Baby Driver is a masterpiece.

For us at LPM, it’s what a modern day musical should be like. An audio delight for music nerds, genius director Edgar Wright managed to choreograph every movement in the movie beat by beat to the killer soundtrack. The scenes and music play exactly in sync, as the protagonist, Baby, absolutely needs to listen to the right song on his iPod for everything he does. Can you imagine speeding away in a getaway van after a bank heist listening to one of Chopin’s Nocturnes? Quite preposterous, if you ask me.

For music fans, listening to the right music for the right tasks makes a world of difference. It gets you into the groove, such that even an arduous marathon (best paired with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Can’t Hold Us”) can literally feel like walking on sunshine. As Wright puts it, “When life starts to sync up with your soundtrack, it’s a magical moment.”

To get you into the right moods for different types of work, we’ve compiled playlists to accompany you through the most mundane and repetitive tasks, help you focus on the task on hand, and get your creative juices flowing. Check them out on Spotify!

For Repetitive Tasks That Are Mind-Numbing

You could be filing paperwork or screwing toothpaste caps, but you’d definitely appreciate our playlist of upbeat songs that will carry you through your day of inane, repetitive tasks. We’ve included a whole diverse range of genres to keep you interested, including rap (M.I.A- Bad Girls), electronic (Edward Maya- Stereo Love), rock (Awolnation- Sail) and lots of pop.

Listen to our Spotify playlist to get through boring, repetitive tasks

For Intense Tasks That Require Great Concentration

Working on a report? Solving a complex mathematical problem? We’ve put together a playlist to drown out all the other voices in your head, so that you can put all your cognitive effort into your work. These songs contain little or no intelligible lyrics that might distract you, and are the perfect ambient sounds for your work.

Listen to our Focus Playlist on Spotify

For Creative Work That Necessitates Inspiration and Innovation

Research has shown that music that evokes strong emotions, similar to what we want to convey through our creativity, which help us channel our creative flow. We’ve assembled an eclectic mix of songs that encapsulate a complex diversity of emotions, ranging from the pain of loss (Dido- The Day Before The Day) to passionate sensuality (HIM- Heaven Tonight), to get you inspired to create ingeniously.

Listen to our Spotify playlist for tasks that call for creativity

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