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West Troiano

Piano and Music History

  • Over 10 years of teaching experience

  • Graduate of the California Institute of Art

  • An independent recording artist that is actively producing musical projects

West Troiano is a composer, pianist, writer, and music educator currently living near Portland, Oregon. Born and raised in California’s Bay Area, West demonstrated an affinity for the piano at an early age, and began writing his own music before his teenage years. He pursued both undergraduate and graduate studies at California Institute of the Arts, where he worked under a number of contemporary music luminaries, including composer Ulrich Krieger and pianist Vicky Ray. As a pianist in Cal Arts’s Performer-Composer Masters program, West performed in the US premier of composer Gloria Coates’s modern opera Stolen Moments, which took place at Walt Disney Music Hall in Los Angeles, CA.

West has over 10 years of teaching experience in settings that vary from private studios to college classrooms. In addition to teaching through traditional forms of piano pedagogy, West frequently produces music and teaching materials that cater to the needs of his students.

West is an active recording artist, regularly releasing self-produced musical projects. When he’s not making or teaching music, West can be found writing, hiking, or looking after his growing family.

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