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Course overview

Piano Techniques

Man hands playing piano, close up

Whether you are preparing for a music examination like ABRSM, or developing your theoretical knowledge for fun, you must master these techniques to become a more knowledgeable pianist with great finesse. 

For example, the benefits of learning how to play scales on the piano are:

  • Being able to change keys quickly and easily
  • Knowing how to transpose to a different key when needed
  • Improving your sight-reading skills when reading a score for the first time
  • Improving your dexterity, mental concentration and tempo in playing.
  • Developing stronger fingers and finger control, which are both needed to play for longer periods of time

Each lesson spans for about 10-15 minutes. Every lesson comes with clear instruction to help you learn great techniques, and covers all theoretical concepts. Start learning these techniques today and you're on your way to become a better and well-rounded musician!

What you'll get

What is included in this course and what you will learn

Essentials of Scales Practice

How to keep your hands in C-shape, keeping your shoulders down and relaxed, inhaling and exhaling, leading with your elbows and giving your scales direction.

Best Way to Practice

Don't just practice harder; practice SMARTER. We will teach you how to practice efficiently.

Fundamental Piano Techniques

Besides how to play and practice scales, we will learn how to sight-read faster, how to work on a new piece of music, and more.

Support from Teachers

Not sure if you are doing it right? Reach out to our team of teachers through emails or chat bubble!

Sheet Music and Homework

Download the sheet music for all the exercises and piano works we cover in the lessons. Use homework assignments to review what you've learned.

HD Video Lessons

High quality video for every lesson so you can watch it any time you want, at the comfort of your home. 

What we cover

Below are the breakdown of this course, module by module, with video previews

Module 1:

Scales - How to Play and Practice Scales


  • Lesson 1– How to Play Piano Scales
  • Lesson 2 – How to Practice Scales Effectively (Part 1)

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Yes. Learning music online may seem novel to you, but if we can learn a language and other skills online, why not music? Online music lessons allow you to learn on your schedule, in the comfort of any locale of your choice, and at your own pace. You can pause when you need a moment to digest the lesson or rewind to view a particular section again. 

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