Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Drums

One of the most exciting and rewarding instruments in any band’s lineup is the drum set. Why? The drummer is the most active person onstage! The drummer is also one of the most versatile—you can see drummers playing their acoustic drums in rock bands, jazz orchestras and even cutting-edge electronic music. What is it that makes the acoustic drum set such an adaptable instrument? Let’s look at how it works: At a glance…1. Parts of an acoustic drum set2. Drumsticks3. Types of drum set arrangements4. Best drum sets for different profiles Parts Of an Acoustic Drum Set Although the drums … Read more

How To Learn Songs By Ear

One of the most impressive musical skills is transcribing a song by ear. In my opinion, being able to learn songs by ear is the most important musical skill to possess, especially if you’re looking to play the blues or jazz. And there is a strong reason why I say that. At a glance… 1. Chord progressions 2. Melodies and solos Look, if you’re able to play what you hear on your speakers, you’ll eventually be able to play what you hear in your head and that’s the best part of having this skill. Being able to learn songs by … Read more