Clear or Coated? Thick or Thin? A Guide to Buying Drum Heads.

Your choice of drum heads is equally important as your choice of drum kit. Good quality drum heads can completely transform the sound of your kit and you have a plethora of options when buying drum heads. This article will provide you with all the information you need to decide on a set of drum heads that suits your style of play. Brands Unlike the number of drum kit and cymbal manufacturers, that of highly respected drum head manufacturers is small. While there are a number of good quality local drum head manufacturers (such as Code in the U.K.), the … Read more

Beginners Guide: Drum Kit

“Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine, that’s what we are.” – Mickey Hart Here at Liberty Park Music, we’d like to congratulate you for embarking on this musical journey to play the drums. This instrument plays an integral role in setting a song’s rhythm and mood, and is the backbone of any music band. Knowing your drums inside-out is vital to all drummers, and for those of you at beginner level, you need a starter kit to get you going. We present you with all the essentials of drums in this … Read more

How To Tune Your Drums

At a glance… 1. Drum anatomy 2. The physics of drum tuning 3. The drum tuning process 4. Fine tuning 5. Dampening 6. Tunings for different styles Guitarists have to tune their strings to certain notes in order to play chords, saxophonists have to tune their instruments so the correct note sounds when their sax is blown, but drums are completely different. Drums don’t have a “correct” tuning because drummers don’t usually play melodies or harmonies. In fact, it could be argued that the term “in tune” or “out of tune” can’t really be applied to the drum set. This … Read more

Cymbal Selection for Intermediate and Advanced Drummers

At a glance… 1. Cymbal anatomy 2. Cymbal size 3. Cymbal weight 4. Cymbal finish As a drummer, you are likely to want to experiment with new cymbals at some point, but where do you begin? Knowing what sizes and finishes to buy can be difficult and daunting, but this article will make this process easier. Cymbal Anatomy I recommend some brands in the article aimed at beginner/intermediate drummers. If you haven’t read it, take a look. To summarise, all of the below brands are safe bets when shopping for new cymbals. Zildjian Sabian Paiste Meinl Istanbul Agop Istanbul Mehmet … Read more

Meet The Teachers: Brendan Bache, our Drum teacher

At Liberty Park Music, we like to consider ourselves a community. Although spread around the globe, we’re all dedicated to sharing music with the world, as teachers, learners and listeners. So we figured we’d introduce ourselves and show you a bit more about our team of teachers. What music inspires them, how they make music a part of their everyday life, and how they were all beginners at some point, just like you! First, Brendan Bache, our drum teacher! Hailing from the U.K., Brendan started playing drums when he was eight years old. His mom, a  big source of encouragement … Read more

Cymbal Selection for Beginner and Intermediate Drummers

At a glance… 1. Cymbal sizes 2. Cymbal brands 3. Budgeting 4. Cymbal ranges Cymbals play an incredibly important role in shaping the overall sound of a drum kit and are as important as the drums themselves. A good quality, well tuned drum kit can be made to sound terrible with poor quality cymbals. Unlike drums, cymbals can’t be tuned to fit different musical applications. Once you have a cymbal, there’s very little you can do to manipulate its sound. Therefore, shop wisely and choose cymbals that you are confident will work with your drum kit and compliment the music … Read more

Drum Terminology

At a glance… Types of drums Types of cymbals Hardware Maintenance items Drum heads Drum anatomy Rhythm terms   Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand. – Stevie Wonder So to help you get started with this new language, here is a list of essential drums vocabulary.     DRUMS The bass drum is the large drum at the bottom of the drum kit and has a low pitch. It is played with a pedal. The snare drum goes between the drummers legs and is most commonly 14 inches in diameter. Wires on the bottom … Read more

Choosing the right Drumsticks: Sizing, Tips, Brands and more

At a glance… 1. Sizing of drumsticks 2. The tip 3. Drumstick brands 4. Beaters, mallets, brushers, and rods The drumstick market is saturated with choice. Every brand has every stick weight, length, girth, and shape imaginable, which makes it increasingly difficult to make a decision. Which weight should you go for? What is the best length for your style? Which tip shape works best for you? Which brand is best? This article will answer these questions and leave you with a clearer idea of what you want from a pair of drumsticks. Sizing If you’ve spent any time shopping … Read more

A Guide to Buying a Drum Kit

At a glance… 1. Drum kit anatomy 2. Brands 3. Configurations 4. Material 5. Shell thickness 6. Hoops 7. Finish 8. Models Buying the right drum kit is an essential first step in your life as a drummer. After all, if you enjoy how your drum kit sounds, you’re far more likely to practice. Many factors need to be considered when you choose a drum kit, and making this decision can be a daunting task. This article will help you understand a lot of the terminology used by drum manufacturers, the drum kit market, and which drum kit is right … Read more

A Guide to Drum Sticks Grip

At a glance… 1. Match grip vs traditional grip 2. German, French, and American grips When you are learning any instrument, it can be a rather daunting prospect to juggle “correct” technique with a technique that works naturally for you. You’ll find that the technique of the musicians you aspire to varies wildly from one to the next. That being the case, how do you know which technique you should adopt? To answer this question, this article looks at some common drum stick grips, the pros and cons of each grip, and how each one compliments different styles of music … Read more