Want to learn a piece of music quickly and effectively? Follow these 8 Steps…

At a glance…1. Read the whole score2. Listen to the whole piece3. Play through the entire piece           slowly4. Divide the piece5. Use various techniques for               different passages6. Put the whole piece together7. Rinse and repeat8. Find an audience to perform I think you’ll agree with me when I say: It’s REALLY hard to learn a piece of music effectively or learn to play piano unless you spend hours practicing it . Or is it? Well, it turns out, you can dramatically reduce your time spent learning a new … Read more

Digital Piano vs Acoustic Piano – The ultimate buyer’s guide

At a glance… Types of acoustic pianos and how they workTypes of digital pianos and how they workComparison of acoustic and digital pianos:SoundMaintenanceVersatilityTouch sensitivityPricePedalsHow personal preferences may affect your choice:Music genreLevel of proficiencyPractice hours and locationHybrid pianosRecommendations based on profiles What to Consider When Buying a Piano: Acoustic or Digital? The first step in buying a piano is to decide between the two different types —the acoustic and the digital piano. Many musicians find it difficult to decide between the two. Take Timmy for example. Timmy is a high school student who loves listening to the latest pop songs on … Read more

100+ Musical Terms For Beginners Learning Piano

When you first begin learning piano, you will start an exciting journey of learning both a new instrument and a new language—the language of music. Musical language is not used in everyday life and can be confusing at first. To help you out, this glossary of musical terms contains 110 common words that often appear in piano music. Many of the words are in Italian, the language that most composers use when giving directions in their pieces. As you learn piano, you will see these words more and more and become familiar with them. These terms are very important because … Read more