Monthly New Lessons – June 2018

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The month of June has been an exciting month here at LPM. Here is a list of all the lessons & trailers, released in June. If you like what you see, you can check out the lesson by clicking on the respective buttons.

Week 4 (25 June)

The Choke Technique

Learn what a choke technique is and how it's used in various music genres such as jazz music. We'll look at how to pull off the choke technique.

Primary Triads

Primary triads in the major key are the tonic, subdominant and dominant. When you label these triads in Roman Numerals, they are I, IV and V. If you'd like to learn more about building primary triads and how to identify them in any major or minor key, check out the links below.

Week 3 (18th June)

New Key Signatures and Scale Degree Names

Learn how to build scales of B major and D flat major! You'll need to these major scales for ABRSM Grade 4 Theory.

Week 2 (11th June)

Intro to Fingerstyle Playing and PIMA

Liberty Park Music's Rhythm Guitar teacher demonstrates fingerstyle guitar and gives a very quick example of how awesome fingerstyle sounds. Fingerstyle is created by playing with individual fingers. Ze then explains how to identify the various fingers used in fingerstyle so you can read music in this style.

Linking the Arpeggios Through Progressions

How do we link arpeggios to chord progressions on the guitar? We'll look at ii V I in C Major as an example. Learning how to use arpeggios to follow chord progressions will allow you to improvise, learn jazz standards/songs easily and navigate different chord changes.

Lesson 3: New Notations II - Rhythm

What is a Breve? What are double dots? Learn a few of the more obscure classical music notation symbols in this music theory sample lesson from Liberty Park Music and Music Theory teacher Nicole DiPaolo!

Prelude, Op. 28 No. 3

Learn how to play this exuberant and fast-paced piece by renowned Polish composer, Frederic F. Chopin. We’ll look at how to play and practise the left-hand accompaniment through an ostinato pattern, as well as the shaping of the right-hand melody and the contrast of dynamics.

Week 1 (4th June)

Zombie by the Cranberries

Learn to play this lyrical tune on your guitar with Liberty Park Music’s guitar teacher, Ze. He will guide you through the chords and strumming patterns of “Zombie”. Also, learn new tips to transit between chords more smoothly.

Major and Minor Arpeggios

Learn how to play arpeggios in any major key! Find out what the main difference is between playing arpeggios in the major and arpeggios in minor key by watching the full lesson.

New Notations I: Pitch

This lesson introduces you to the following new pitch-related symbols that you need to learn for Grade 4:

  • Alto clef
  • Double sharps and
  • Double flats

We'll also do some analysis activities that will test your knowledge of the mentioned symbols.

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