Monthly New Lessons – July 2018

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The month of July has been an exciting month here at LPM. Here is a list of all the lessons & trailers, released in July. If you like what you see, you can check out the lesson by clicking on the respective buttons.

Week 4 (23rd July)

Minor Seventh off the A String

A minor seventh chord is a minor triad with an added flattened seventh. This chord is common in rock tunes.

Playing the Hi-Hat Pedal with Left Foot

Learn how to use the left foot as a timekeeper while playing funky grooves. You'll learn how to add 16th notes in snare and bass drums, combine them, as well as adding quarter notes on the hi-hat.

Instrument Specific & Performance Directions

Learn the instrument families: strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion, as well as performance directions in Italian and French. These aspects will come up during ABRSM Grade 4 Theory exam.

Week 3 (16th July)

Latin Drumming: What is Cascara?

Learn how cascara is derived directly from clave (as a rhythm). We'll look at how cascara works in the different types of clave, how it works in the time signatures of 2/3 and 3/2, and how it relates to son clave and rumba clave.

What is the appoggiatura?

Appogiatura is a grace note which delays the next note of the melody, taking half or more of its written time value. You'll need to learn how it sounds like and how to play it.

Week 2 (9th July)

Lating Drumming: An Introduction to the Clave

What is clave? The clave is a rhythmic pattern used in a variety of music genres such as rumba, salsa, mambo, conga, Bossa Nova and Afro-Cuban jazz. We’ll look at how the clave concept works, and how we can orchestrate this sound on the drum kit.

Coordination around the Drum Kit

Learn how to warm up with some melodic and harmonic through four-way coordination exercises!

Measuring Thirds and Sixths

Learn two different ways to measure major and minor thirds, and major and minor sixths. For the full lesson, sign up for lessons on our ABRSM Theory Grade 4 Examination Prep Course at Liberty Park Music.What is a Breve? What are double dots? Learn a few of the more obscure classical music notation symbols in this music theory sample lesson from Liberty Park Music and Music Theory teacher Nicole DiPaolo!

Week 1 (2nd July)

Perfect Intervals

Intervals are described as the distance between two notes, and intervals are something you will be tested on in your ABRSM exam. A perfect interval can be described as a unison, a 4th, a 5th and an octave. But how do we identify these intervals? Liberty Park Music's music theory teacher, Nicole explains how to identify a perfect interval.

Hand Position for Piano

Hand position may be a concern if you are looking to learn piano online. You may be worried that you won't be able to have correct position or will learn bad habits if you are learning alone. Don't worry! These tips for scale practice from Liberty Park Music will help you to learn the proper way to practice scales so you can build a solid foundation for your playing.

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