Free online course to teach you how to play the guitar in 7 days


A short, free online course to learn the basics of guitar playing

Through this free online course for beginners, you will learn the basics of guitar playing in 7 days, including correct posture, basic guitar notation (TABs), basic music theory, how to fret notes, and two simple songs: Happy Birthday and Amazing Grace!

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All we need is your name and email.
Every day you will receive one email from us, with a link to your daily lesson.

Ze Wen Seah

About Ze

Ze is an active gigging guitarist who has also been teaching guitar---from beginner to more advanced---for more than 10 years. 

Ze's main styles are blues, pop, rock, soul and funk. He is currently working on his jazz chops.


Day 1: Posture & Your Guitar

We will begin with an introduction to the instrument and the playing posture. Learn the names of all the different parts of the instrument, the string numbers, and your finger numbers for your left hand.

The playing posture is an often-overlooked but important topic that will help you play the instrument in a relaxed and pain-free manner. Although no actual guitar-playing takes place on the first day, the lesson lays the groundwork for all the terms I will be using throughout the week, so take some time to learn these terms.

Day 2: Tuning & Musical Notes

It is unpleasant to hear out-of-tune singing, and the same can be said about an out-of-tune guitar. On the second day, we will learn how to tune the guitar to make sure every note and chord we play is in perfect harmony. Additionally, we will be learning the 12 musical notes and their names.

Day 3: Picking & Fretting

The third day is when we will begin playing the guitar. We will cover topics such as how to hold a pick, how to pick a string, how to press down on the frets, and how to position your wrist to minimize tension. A short and simple exercise is also included to strengthen your fingers and improve your left and right hand coordination.

Day 4: Reading TABs

On the fourth day, we will be learning our first song: “Happy Birthday.” It’s a simple song that has enough of a cultural reach that most people around the world are familiar with it. In order to learn the song, we will first learn how to read guitar tablature, also known as TABs. Guitar TABs are one of the most common methods of notating guitar music, so it is vital that you know how to read this form of musical notation. Day 4 will cover the basics of TABs. If you are interested in learning more about TABs, take a look at another article I wrote.

Day 5: Rhythms

After learning our first song, we’ll learn how to read rhythm notation. On Day 5, we will be learning the time value of notes so that we too can play music with a steady beat. The importance of rhythm can not be stressed enough.

Music is a combination of harmony, melody, and rhythm. Arguably, rhythm came before harmony and melody. After all, we were likely beating on rocks and trees to produce grooves and beats before the first human being started singing to those beats. 

Day 6: Amazing Grace

Day 6 will expand a little more on rhythm notation. We will learn about time signatures and how to tell the time value of notes in TABs. Additionally, we will learn how to count time in the context of a song, “Amazing Grace.”

Day 7: Going Forward

On the final day, we will continue to work on our second and final song, “Amazing Grace.” We will learn how to play our notes while counting the rhythm, and we’ll also learn how to use the metronome as a tool to keep us in time.

Finally, I will leave you with some tips on how to master a song so that you can play it effortlessly.


All we need is your name and email.
Every day you will receive one email from us, with a link to your daily lesson.