Making the Most of your Practice: Practice Planning

Having decided on some short-, medium- and long-term goals, let’s think about how to structure your practice. This structuring could take written form by means of a practice diary or plan. But, if you are confident in your ability to remember what you’ve been practicing, how far through a goal you got, etc., don’t feel obliged to write down your plans. Personally I find that writing down my practice routine helps maintain focus, even if it’s just a few simple retrospective notes once I finish practicing or playing. Optimal Practice The fact is that there is no definitive answer as … Read more

Making the Most of Your Practice: Goal Setting for Musicians

Setting Practice Goals I believe that goal setting is a fundamental skill that needs to be developed in order to get the most out of your practice time. What you practice or play, how you go about it, and how much time you spend doing it should all be determined by a series of short-, medium- and long-term goals. These goals don’t have to be written or even spoken and will inevitably vary among different learners. There are no right or wrong goals; we all learn differently and have different inspirations, and our goals should reflect this. This article will … Read more

Making the Most of Your Practice: How to Make Practice Enjoyable

We all practice to improve on something we decide to do and achieve the goals we set out for ourselves. Yet a surprising number of my music students often tell me “Brendan, what/when/how should I practice?” Let’s be clear on something; for me practicing is like any other skill—you have to learn how to do it. Learning how to practice can make your practice session a lot more fun and enjoyable. Practicing correctly also saves you time. You will know what to focus on and make the most out of your practice session. Imagine if we were all born with this amazing ability … Read more