Five Particularly Unusual Christmas Albums – A Musical Guide for the Weirdest Time of the Year

The earth managed to circle around the sun again and it is time for the winter holidays once more! If your Christmas routine is anything like mine, each year offers an abundance of eating, shopping, stressful travel, making conversation with estranged friends and relatives, uncomfortable sweaters, and frigid weather. Call me a cynic, but even in the most normal of holiday scenarios, I often find myself realizing that this is a strange ritual we humans take part in. Good, bad, or in between, Christmas time is always a little more unusual than the rest of the year. Personally, I believe … Read more

Looking for a New Year’s resolution? How about listening to classical music?

It’s almost New Year. Have you found your New Year’s resolution for 2015? Would you like to introduce classical music into your life? If you have always wanted to know more about classical music but felt overwhelmed by this seemingly difficult kind of music, here is a list of things you can try to make listening to classical music more fun. Bob Satterfield [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 1. Just relax and use your imagination. This applies to a lot of things, including listening to classical music. Even if you know nothing about classical music, try to let your imagination … Read more

Where did Christmas carols come from?

Ho ho ho.. It’s that time of a year–a lot of people’s favorite time–Christmas. The houses in your neighborhood have Christmas lights on, Christmas music has been played non-stop on the radio, and everywhere you go people seem to be so excited (or anxious) about this heartwarming season. When it comes to Christmas caroling, you probably think of a group of people singing in front of your house. However, do you know that carols were not always about Christmas and they started as early as the middle ages?  To understand where Christmas carols came from, let’s look at the history … Read more