Alwyn Leow

Pop Piano

Alwyn was born and raised in the city state of Singapore, and was exposed to music from an early age. As a child, he was trained in classical piano and achieved excellent results in both the ABRSM Grade 8 exams classical piano and music theory. Instead of pursuing further studies in these fields however, Alwyn chose to reinvent himself as a contemporary musician. Through sheer practice and determination, Alwyn developed a unique skill of being able to transfer anything he hears onto the piano, where he injects his own style of jazz-infused pop into his performances and playing. Apart from the piano, Alwyn has also played in and conducted full orchestras and wind orchestras. This has developed his skills in ensemble playing and music arrangement, which has led to numerous successful performances around Singapore, and having some of his own musical arrangements featured in various events.

Alwyn has also developed a passion for teaching. From the age of 19, Alwyn began his teaching career at Cristofori Music School, and has since moved on to teach at many other institutions, always garnering the favour of his students. Having graduated with an honours degree in Electrical Engineering, Alwyn is keen to combine his passion for music and education, together with his desire for leveraging technology, to redefine music education here at Liberty Park Music.

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